GST Standard-rated suppliers

Standard-rated supplies are goods and services that are charged GST with a standard rate. GST is collected by the businesses and paid to the government. They can recover credit back on their inputs. If their input tax is bigger than their output tax, they can recover back the difference.

How GST is charged at each level of supply chain standard rated supply :

How GST is charged and collected at the wholesale level for standard rated supply :

Computation of GST at all levels of the supply chain for standard rated supply :

Level of supply Sales price (including GST at 6%) Payment to Government
Raw material supplier Sales price = RM50.00
GST = RM3.00
Total sales price = RM53.00
GST collection = RM3.00
Less: GST paid =RM0.00
GST payable = RM3.00
Manufacturer Sales price = RM100.00
GST = RM6.00
Total sales price = RM106.00
GST collection = RM6.00
Less: GST paid =RM3.00
GST payable = RM3.00
Wholesaler Sales price = RM125.00
GST = RM7.50
Total sales price = RM132.50
GST collection = RM7.50
Less: GST paid =RM6.00
GST payable = RM1.50
Retailer Sales price = RM156.00
GST = RM9.36
Total sales price = RM165.36
GST collection = RM9.36
Less: GST paid =RM7.50
GST payable = RM1.86